Hella Classic has multiple drop periods a year. These drops consist of items that have a high cost and are limited. We do the drops to ensure every Hottie can get these items in their size and to keep these pieces limited and exclusive.

Items in the drop periods tend to have a longer turnaround time as most items are preorders. It will be noted in the product description if an item is a preorder. Please note most preorders will have a 4 week turnaround time. This is for the processing of your preorder, ordering with the manufacturer and the shipping to HC and then out to the customer. Each product description will note the turnaround time if available. Check our social media for updates or email us at HellaClassicCS@gmail.com

What’s a drop period? Dates set by Hella Classic of when the merchandise will be available for purchase from the Hella Classic site.

How long will the drop period be? In most cases a drop period will be 1-2 weeks. It will vary based on each collection. Check the production description.

How long will it take to get my stuff? A normal order has a processing time of 10 business day (Monday - Friday, 10 am to 6 pm EST).

Why do you have drops? Hella Classic is a one woman business . Doing drops allow for the proper amount of inventory to be ordered without carrying too much inventory. Drops also allow for less costs which means more affordable prices for Hotties! 

Is this drop shopping? No, we do not drop ship anything at all. We receive our garments from our USA based factories and use local business to complete our branded merchandise for our Hotties.

I need something ASAP! Need something in a rush? Email us and we’ll do what we can! Additional charges may be incurred.

Do you do drop offs? Hella Classic does not do drop off or local delivery. If you need something urgently, please reach out to us via email, HellaClassicCS@gmail.com.

Do you do custom items? See something you like but want another color? Email us and let’s work together!